I won’t mule their cannabis anymore

When you carry a backpack lots of people try to stuff their junk in it.

I learned that the tough way.

Anytime our friends as well as I went to a bar, concert or on a trip, people tried to put things in our backpack. I would end up with several wallets, numerous sets of keys, cash as well as all sorts of stuff. It made our backpack heavy as well as tough to close. Why was I supposed to carry all the people’s stuff? The worst was when everybody was smoking cannabis flower too. I had so many pre-roll joints, rolling papers, loose flower as well as lighters in our bag as well. I felt like I was their a drug mule. I then changed to carrying a very tiny purse. I loop it around our wrist as well as it barely fits anything. I can stuff a credit card, license as well as our vape in there. That is about it. All our guy friends bummed me with a giant backpack. They now have to carry their own stuff, however frequently they want to leave stuff behind as well as just mooch. Nope, I am not going to start buying the drinks at the bar as well as sharing our vape with other people. I made the trip to the cannabis dispensary, pre-loaded the oil as well as thought to bring it. I am not going to let all the people vape our cannabis oil since they don’t want to carry their stuff. Men absolutely should just carry billfolds. I assume they want to carry more stuff than ladies sporadically. They should be the 1s holding giant bags of all sorts of cannabis goodies.


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