It’s frustrating when a fresh batch of cannabis flower buds goes out of stock

I never have enough money to buy what I want.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a hot dog every now and then, but I was in a position where I was eating them for at least four or five meals out of the week to budget my food expenses.

Unfortunately, hot dogs made without harmful nitrates are also expensive compared to the ones that contain nitrates. If you’re eating hot dogs for financial reasons, the healthy ones are not a viable option long term. The same goes for lunch meat if you’re attempting to avoid nitrates with those as well. Food prices are going up all of the time and I worry that they’re never going to stop! My medications are expensive as well, particularly now that my insurance premiums have increased. I wonder sometimes if I’ll ever get relief from this financial nightmare that I’ve found myself in. I’m lucky if I ever have money left over to consume cannabis throughout the month. It’s expensive buying a fresh batch of cannabis flower products whenever the dispensary releases one. Often the whole batch is sold before I’m paid again and have the money to purchase my own. This can be extremely frustrating as I’m left buying the old batches of cannabis flower buds that other people just don’t want. And it’s always for the worst reasons as well that people aren’t buying these reject batches of marijuana from the local medical cannabis dispensary. I want the coveted batches of strains like Skywalker OG and Gorilla Glue #4. I wish I could make an order and let the dispensary hold it for me for a week or longer.

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