Living near a cannabis dispensary isn’t ideal

I live next door to a cannabis store.

A lot of people think that is a fantastic location for me.

It sincerely isn’t perfect. First, cannabis dispensaries are truly popular. There are constantly cars pulling in as well as out of the lot. The store lights are on as well as shine in our window too. People going to the cannabis dispensary are in a great mood as well. If I happen to be outside our house, they constantly want to talk with me. While I love cannabis products, it isn’t absolutely an everyday thing for me, however living next to the dispensary ensures I can take advantage of all deals as well as I never have to pay delivery… However, I only need to make a stop about once a week. It isn’t worth living so close to a boiling spot like that year round. There is a vape lounge at the new marijuana shop that people prefer to hang out. I constantly get people coming to our door after vaping all day. They want to hang out, want a ride, food, etc. That gets annoying. The actual dispensary is fresh, high end as well as sells fantastic products. My issue isn’t with them. My issue is that living next to any popular business isn’t absolutely smart. I have started looking at selling our house as well as moving a few streets down from the store. I don’t want to deal with the shoppers all day long going in as well as out. If I just had to live near the building as well as the workers, that wouldn’t be a large problem of mine.

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