Medical marijuana is the best antidepressant I have ever tried

I think I realized that I had depression before I even finished private school despite taking a few years to do anything about it.

I took luck of my father’s health insurance when I still had the opportunity and reached out for both therapy and possible medication when it became obvious that my complications were chronic and not acute.

However, the first antidepressant I tried back then was not a pleasant experience. I tried speed once to learn for a test and remember thinking that it felt like a weak version of the speed I had tried. Since both drugs operate on the serotonin receptors, it’s possible they share some similar effects. That particular antidepressant wasn’t a great match for me, so I tried at least a half dozen other medications for my depression and they all had varying complications to them. One of them offered myself and others serious manic episodes and resulted in a hospitalization that lasted a few days. Needless to say, I wasn’t responding well to pharmaceutical antidepressants and was starting to assume that I would never find a drug that would help with my depressive episodes. Thankfully, that ended when I tried a sativa product for the honestly first time a few years ago. I had smoked cannabis in school however later l acquired that it was really an indica strain because all it did was put myself and others to sleep at the time. The sativa products, whether they’re edibles or cannabis flower products, are seriously energizing and give myself and others the motivation and fuel to power through the day regardless of whatever obsessive feelings that are trying to consume my mind.

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