My mom refuses to go to the marijuana shop still

Several months ago I was at my mom’s house and I smoked a marijuana joint on the front porch.

My mom decided to smoke some of the marijuana joint with me. That afternoon she had amazing pain relief and her knees, back, and neck. My mom asked me if I could get her some pre-rolled marijuana joints to keep at the house. She often has days when she endures terrible pain in her body and the marijuana products seemed to help. I went to the dispensary for my mom and I bought her a half ounce of marijuana flower. I also bought her some rolling accessories like papers, cones, and a small machine. I did not know if my mom was an expert in Rolling joints or not. We never really talked about marijuana much at all. When I was growing up, nobody in the family was a stoner or a pothead. If you were a person to use marijuana, then you were considered to be a low life. I did not try marijuana until I was in my twenties and even then I was worried that it was going to adversely affect me or put me in the hospital. I understood why my mom was hesitant to use marijuana. I didn’t understand why my mom was hesitant to buy marijuana from the dispensary on her own. She still hasn’t gone to the shop even once. Every time she needs a product, she sends me a text and then Venmo’s me money. I suppose she has her own personal marijuana delivery service and I bring coffee too.



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