My views on vaping

I work for a media business as well as I am totally online based.

All of us have started hiring people from all over the US to work for us.

They just need internet access as well as the right skills. It is neat when you figure out where everywhere is from; Recently I was on a large call with a member of the social media team. I noticed the girl was vaping on the call. Afterwards I talked to her about her smoking. I informed her that smoking cannabis on a task call wasn’t professional. I also told her that unless she is a medical weed patient, she can’t do that. Well the girl absolutely is from a recreational cannabis state; She lives right next door to a recreational weed shop. Apparently all the people are super lax about cannabis use where she is. You can smoke in a cannabis cafe as well as a lot of other people smoke on the job. She didn’t even realize that for a northerner like me, it wasn’t cool. My state only offers medical cannabis. You have to do quite a bit of work as well as paperwork in order to grab the card as well… Every year you need to pay a fee as well as do the process all over gain. I don’t even think anyone with a medical weed card, but nobody would even know about smoking at task either. So it was up to our manager on what he felt was appropriate. Could the girl vape in a meeting or not? Everyone had a difference in opinion based on where they lived.

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