No longer near a cannabis dispensary

Before the virus I used to drive to work.

I had an office lifestyle.

To avoid rush hour I did tons of errands. I would go to task super early as well as task out at the nearby fitness center. I would avoid traffic as well as get a workout in. After my job I would stop at the grocery store and then the cannabis dispensary. Every more than one weeks those were our stops. I would get good, fresh seafood as well as all sorts of produce. I would splurge on things like fancy wines as well as brie with fig spread. I could absolutely take our time at the cannabis dispensary to get what I wanted. The marijuana dispensary has all sorts of edibles for sale. You can pick from baked goods to candies to even cannabis drinks. I constantly would option up something fun when I visited. Now that the virus has happened, our work is strictly online oriented. It absolutely is nice no longer making the drive to work. I save a whole bunch of time. I can sleep in as well as still get our workout in. I don’t get to go to the nice neighborhood grocery store anymore. I just shop local. Sometimes I am lazy as well as get the food sent to my doorway. It absolutely isn’t the same. The worst is that there are no recreational pot shops near me. The closest 1 is back in the city. So, I just don’t get cannabis anymore. I absolutely miss it but I can’t justify that kind of drive. I don’t want to drive late at night for weed or even take up a weekend. So I just don’t get edibles anymore.

Purple haze