Nothing like cannabis to help me with my recovery

For sure, becoming older has made doing what I do so much more difficult.

But for me, I’m going to keep doing it for as long as I can manage.

The older I get, the more I realize my body just does not easily recover the way it once did. When your body has a good amount to do with how you make your living, that is a pressing deal. For me, I make my living in volleyball. My afternoon job is teaching it while toiling in a volleyball training center. However, I’m also competing on Pro circuits as well, this is why I introduced cannabis products into my regimen a few years ago. My holistic approach to how I treat my body comes with marijuana. When you’re young, the body is so pliable and manages to recover quite quickly. As I’m now entering my late thirties that is just not the case anymore. However, Indica products plus the sativa strains for sale at the cannabis store have been essential in helping my body come back. The Indica strains for sale at the local cannabis spot are genuinely my go to when it comes to range of motion. The sativa strains help my mind relax and allow me to get more out of my stretching and meditation. This is a daily thing and both indica and sativa products help me with range of motion and also with recovery! I’m genuinely thankful that I live in a region where recreational marijuana happens to be legal. It allows me to totally refocus and make my way back while letting the little things and fears go. That’s honestly pressing to me as a professional athlete as just about anything else.


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