Nothing quite like cannabis cafe nights

It’s coming relatively soon plus I’m so happy about it. When the folks who run a local marijuana contractor took over the old tea shop on the corner, I was pretty curious. But once the cannabis cafe opened, I was definitely more than curious. I was cheerful to be able to simply walk into a venue something like this. But I knew in no time that this was going to be a go to spot so I needed to be completely certain that I made it a treat. So now, I have cannabis cafe nights. They come two times each week. Well, at least the section where I get to appreciate a yummy cannabis edible comes twice a week. For sure, I get into the cannabis cafe more often than that. But on those other trips, it’s tea only. However, I have to say that this is still a major treat even without the marijuana edibles. The tea at the cannabis cafe is just the best around. However, whenever my cannabis cafe afternoon rolls around, I get entirely happy about it nearly a week out. My cannabis cafe afternoon starts early enough. These nights always fall on an afternoon off. I rise, take a shower plus get dressed sort of like I was heading out to work. But I go straight to the cannabis cafe to appreciate a large tea plus an edible cannabis treat. Normally, good buddies will show up throughout the evening hours. Then, I just enjoy myself and we usually end up in the park or at a cool venue for some good food. It’s just the best time during those cannabis cafe nights.


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