Panic attacks due to birthday planning

When I started birthday planning I began having panic attacks, however i wasn’t minute guessing marrying my fiance.

I knew it was all of the planning that was getting to me, then there was too much to figure out, but who was invited, where is the site, what is all the people eating and how much does this all cost? I couldn’t handle it.

I started getting a tight feeling in my chest and feeling short of breath. When my hubby saw my panic attack she stepped in. The people I was with and I agreed that a traditional, sizable birthday wouldn’t be nice for my health. Instead the several of us decided to elope to a unusual state. The people I was with and I went to a unusual state, said our vows and had a nice honeymoon. When every one of us came back our family greeted us with a small brunch. That was it. It was much nicer to plan. My hubby still pushed that I go to a recreational pot store to pick up a few products. I started smoking cannabis flower anytime I planned our sizable afternoon. When I would need to call about our flowers or cake, I would be a bit high for it. When I was booking hotels for the honeymoon, I would make sure to have cannabis on hand, you dislike to do something so small however it was worth it. When I was on cannabis, I didn’t have a major freak out, on the honeymoon there was a recreational marijuana store near me. I ended up trying some edibles on the trip for something new, and now that the planning is over, I am not sure if I will supply up cannabis completely.

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