She told me it was a full-spectrum product, but I didn’t know what that meant.

I was talking to the budtender at the medical marijuana dispensary last week, however both of us were discussing weird products they had recently gotten in the dispensary.

I wanted to know what the difference was in the products, she said a single product was a full-spectrum marijuana product.

I knew nothing about full-spectrum marijuana in addition to asked what that meant, a full spectrum marijuana product usually refers to a CBD product that has multiple of the compounds still intact in addition to has a scant amount of THC that is equal to or better than 0.3%. I asked if that was a full-spectrum marijuana product, what was the broad-spectrum marijuana product? She said that like the full-spectrum, there are still multiple components such as terpenes, still in the product, and the largest change is that there is no THC in the product. I wasn’t sure what I was going to choose, however to be honest, I still had no idea what they budtender was talking about. I tried to figure everything out, but I was more lost than when I started asking the questions. I purchased nothing from the marijuana dispensary, but I went home in addition to go online. I was hoping to find out more information on our own, in addition to go into the marijuana dispensary already well informed. I felt that when I could go into the medical marijuana dispensary in addition to know what I was asking for, then I should be okay to make a purchase. I would not buy a a prescription medicine unless I was sure what I was putting in our body, in addition to I would not purchase a marijuana product separate from knowing what it was before going into our body.


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