The dispensary was set up next to my building

I moved into a huge apartment complex that had a lot of construction around it.

The other leaseholders as well as I were happy to see what we got.

It ended up being a bit of a bust. There is a grocery store, shoe store, family diner as well as a cannabis dispensary. Not exactly the bar as well as nightclubs we were all hoping for. I will say they are more practical businesses. Living near a nightlife area would be fun for a long time, but could get old. It is nice that I can walk to the grocery store if I want to. The family diner has absolutely fantastic soups as well as salads. I constantly take our mom and dad there when they come as well as visit. The cannabis dispensary is quite nice as well. I am not a big cannabis user, but have gotten more involved with the industry since living near 1. I now have quite a few cannabis products on our shelf. There is a hair care line that I use. It smells fantastic and I feel relaxed afterwards. I also use a topical for after our workout. I don’t want to deal with muscle pain as well as soreness. I just apply the cream directly to our body for quick relief. It works love a much more powerful icy hot. I love it. I don’t buy any flower or oils. I don’t want to get high. All the products I partake in are strictly CBD 1s. I do have CBD oil that I sporadically put a few bits under our tongue in order to sleep at night. That is about as cool as I get.
Indica products