The medical marijuana dispensary was now offering delivery.

I knew that while I was in the COVID-19 pandemic, most local stores were offering free delivery within a particular distance from the business.

  • What entirely surprised me, was that the medical marijuana dispensary was a single of those corporations that were offering delivery.

I was getting give of medical marijuana products for our mother. She would not leave the house, even if I was using a mask in addition to so were they, and even if I did have our caretaker’s ID card, she would not let me take the risk of going to the dispensary. The dispensary started offering drive-thru pickup in addition to since you paid by credit card, you could pick up at a window with no physical linkion. Delivery was convenient for our mother, in addition to myself. They would drop off the product, text Dad to let her know the marijuana was outside, in addition to the budtender would not leave until they took inside it… Once the pandemic wound down, so did the amount of local corporations that were offering door side delivery. I abruptly realized how multiple people were infirmed or elderly in addition to had depended on that delivery service. I talked to some people I knew in addition to told them that if they could continue with the delivery services, multiple people would be blissful to spend money a repair charge. I knew Dad would spend money extra to have her marijuana products delivery continued. Last week, the people I was with and I acquired a flyer in the mail announcing the medical marijuana dispensary was going to start up delivery repair again, but my Dad was blissful to hear the news, in addition to I wondered if I had made any influence on the supervisor that talked to the owners of the medical marijuana dispensary.



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