All I wanted was some CBD.

It helped with some of my pain, but it was enough to make me feel much better

When I talked to my medical professional, he suggested that when I got my medical marijuana ID card, that I tell the pharmacist at the medical marijuana dispensary that I wanted CBD, and he said that CBD would help with my chronic pain much better than THC… I didn’t need the THC that was normally used in medical marijuana, but I needed the CBD. when I told the pharmacist what my medical professional said, she told me she would do her best. The closest she had to a full CBD product was a 15:1 CBD/THC product. They didn’t have full CBD products… She said if I wanted a product that was full CBD, I could get at the official pharmacy, but it was going to be lavish. I bought the 15:1 CBD/THC product as well as took it home to try. Just the small amount of THC in the medical marijuana product had me hallucinating. I could see people walking around me, as well as I thought there was someone on my porch. I had my hubby anxious as well as he told me I had to find a medical marijuana product that didn’t cause me to have hallucinations. I finally found a cream that was a topical. It helped with some of my pain, but it was enough to make me feel much better. It had more THC than the product I had already tried, but it helped me. I was okay with a product that was 69% THC as long as it helped me to have less pain, as long as it was a topical.



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