Getting a website to stop all the cellphonecalls

I dislike being on the cellphone; When I first opened the doors to my cannabis dispensary I didn’t realize how numerous cellphone calls I would be fielding, then everyone wants to call the store to ask the dumbest questions.

What time do the two of us open? Do I have any edibles? Is it recreational or a medical weed shop? Once I started offering curbside option up that tied up the cellphones more.

Everyone was calling to location an order and also calling when they arrived to option it up, cannabis delivery did the exact same thing, however it then turned into someone having to guy the cellphone at all hours of the afternoon… You could not work separate from the cellphone ringing; Since option up and delivery are large money makers, I couldn’t take them away. I wanted something that was better than people calling the store though. I then found that having a cannabis website with the order forms online was best. I got an SEO company to create the website for me, then they have a separate page where you location the order for curbside pickup or delivery. You then get a timeframe emailed to you when it is ready, nobody should have to call for any reason now with those services. If they need to reach us, the two of us have it so people can text us now too. The website alos fields a lot of dumb questions becasue all the satisfied is on there. I should have purchased a website from the SEO company years ago. Now the store runs so much better.
SEO for cannabis dispensary