I accidentally broke our favorite bong last night while half-asleep from overtime work

I hate it when I get really clumsy from working too numerous hours and missing key sleep for our mental well being.

I tripped coming down the stairs a single afternoon and ended up chopping our wrist on our way down.

I was out of labor for a month and struggled to use our left hand for several weeks afterward; That’s hard when you have to do heavy lifting at labor and a variety of other tasks that respectfully require the use of both limbs equally. The only thing I could think of during the process was the fact that I had paid-time-off hours available that I had yet to use, and that gave myself and others the ability to survive and keep feeding myself while salvageing from the injury. Sadly, our clumsiness knows no bounds, especially when it comes to things that cost a lot of currency. Last night I was half-asleep from working so numerous overtime hours and could barely function separate from stumbling over everything in our house. I was walking through our family room with the light off and bumped into something heavy and then heard the loud crash of glass chopping as the object hit the brick floor down below. It was our favorite marijuana bong, or water pipe, and it was now completely destroyed. While I use our cannabis vaporizer almost exclusively, I am able to run the vaporizer through the water pipe to cool down the sizzling vapor before it hits our lungs. With our favorite bong destroyed, I have to use cheap water pipes for the time being. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford another water pipe of that size and quality for another year at least. I’m just ecstatic that I have backup bongs to use in place of the broken a single.


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