I accidentally had too much RSO last night and was still high at labor this afternoon

My first task was washing dishes in a commercial kitchen, one of our coworkers was this 40-year-old person who was a functioning alcoholic who would frequently show up to labor fairly drunk.

I couldn’t judge him because he was a single of the fastest dishwashers, even when he was intoxicated.

It’s uncommon for myself and others to think about it, but I legitimately number one working with him over numerous of our other coworkers who either had disappointing attitudes or were just too slow at the task. She also had an MP3 player that he would load with rock n roll and listen to while doing his task. It wasn’t too disappointing working with him as long as both of us were tied up on a major holiday where there would be a backlog of dishes to wash and then he’d start to freak out so much that we’d get behind right away. Recently I hate too much THC in a big cannabis edible and was high the next day for labor after waking up almost as high as I was when I went to bed. RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil and it’s made by washing cannabis in a solvent adore ethanol or everclear and then straining out the plant matter before purging the solvent with heat. After all of the solvent is purged, you’re left with a dark and thick cannabis oil that is full of cannabinoids, terpenes, fats, and lipids that are often lost in the cannabis oil distillation process. That’s why RSO is often more potent than other kinds of cannabis edibles. I abruptly l acquired this the hard way and will be much more careful with RSO cannabis oil in the future.