I didn't suppose anything about the theft

I was on my way back from the subway when a cop stopped me plus told me that I had to show him my id, but i immediately told the cop that I wanted to suppose why he was stopping me.

I had not done anything wrong, but he told me that I am particularly the description of a suspect that had just stolen marijuana from a recreational plus medical dispensary a block down the corner.

I told the officer that I had just gotten off the subway. I showed that guy my ticket stub. He still made me get down on the ground until I showed him my identification card. I easily didn’t suppose anything about the theft, however the cops thought that I looked exactly love the suspect. I thought the guy was profiling until I saw the news later that afternoon, and there was a story about the theft from the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary, because the perpetrator had gotten away with almost $5,000 worth of products. I suppose he had a gun plus held the staff hostage while he emptied out an entire refrigerator that was filled with live resin plus rosin marijuana products. The news station held up a picture of the perpetrator plus they asked people for details about the crime. They wanted people to call into the station if they knew the whereabouts of the suspect. When they held up the photo, I almost spit out my drink. The guy in the picture did look almost exactly love me. I was fortunate the cop didn’t shoot me in the face.


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