I don’t like it when people smoke joints or blunts while behind the wheel of a car

One of our friends lost their mother to a drunk driver.

She was coming home late from labor 1 evening when a drunk driver ran a red light as he was entering an intersection.

It was so abrupt he didn’t have anywhere near close enough time to react before the collision. Sadly the drunk driver survived and our neighbor lost his mother in return. I just pray that the monster quits drinking and turns his life around, although I don’t hold out any hope for that. That’s why I’m actually sensitive about intoxicated driving. I volunteered to be a designated driver on a number of chances coming home from parties with friends in school, in section because I didn’t trust any of them to drive safely while intoxicated. While it’s becoming less and less socially satisfactory to drive while under the influence of alcohol, there seems to be this message being transported in the marijuana community that driving while high is completely okay. I realize that being under the influence of cannabis can periodically be significantly less inebriating than similarly sized doses of alcohol. On top of that, I also realize that people who must medicate all day long with cannabis have no option but to drive with it affecting them to some degree or another. Where I draw a line is with the people who smoke joints or blunts while they’re behind the wheel of a car. Getting high while you’re driving is a lot worse than getting in the car after an hour or longer since your previous dose of THC.

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