I hated walking up the stairs a second time

There are lots of apartments in the city.

We deliver marijuana products to every single one of the places.

There are a couple of apartment buildings down by the river that have more than three floors. Some of these high-rise apartment buildings have 9 or 10 floors. I had a marijuana delivery to one of those apartments last weekend. It was just before dark when I arrived. The customer wanted me to walk up to her front door. I tried to get her to meet me downstairs in the parking lot. I went to the elevator so I could save some time and my back. The elevator wasn’t working. I had to climb up 10 flights of stairs to get to the customer. The customer answered the door and I gave her all of the products that she ordered. Unfortunately, I forgot one of the products in my vehicle. The customer qualified for a free pre-roll and I had those in the front seat. I had to walk all the way back down the stairs and to my car to get the free pre-roll. The customer asked about it, so I couldn’t just leave without giving her the product that she requested. By the time I got done climbing 20 flights of stairs, I was ready for a break. My legs were hurting and my calves were on fire. I worked out harder that day than I have in 3 weeks at the gym. I should be walking stairs if I want to be in great physical shape.

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