I still have a medical cannabis card in our state so I don’t pay recreational pot taxes

It’s nice to see some of the positive political fluctuations in this country over the past 100 years.

While we have a long way to go, people had to be a certain gender plus race just to have the right to vote back at the beginning of the previous century.

However, some things love the right to marry based on love instead of gender took as long as the last decade to finally become legal in this country. I remember when 1 state after the next started to legalize same-sex marriage only for the Supreme Court to decide on a landmark case that would legalize it nationwide. However, the demographics of the Supreme Court have changed so much in the ensuing years that I don’t guess when we’ll see more social progress love this for another generation or longer. If we wanted the Supreme Court to way in on the constitutional legality of the war on drugs, particularally marijuana, then I better feel again plus retain our hope for more realistic expectations. Realistically, it’s going to take more of these states passing laws to legalize both medical plus recreational marijuana if we want to see it legal in all states. For instance, I live in a state where you can get access to cannabis for both purposes. However, people love me with medical marijuana cards do not have to pay recreational cannabis taxes in this state. That’s particularally why I retain our medical marijuana card even though it costs me money every year to renew it with the state. It allows me to save on every single cannabis purchase.
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