The dispensary sales have been pretty fantastic lately

It’s nice to make a lot of currency when it is getting close to the holidays… I have a huge shopping list that includes our mom, dad, brothers, sister’s, aunts, plus uncles.

I also have a couple of friends that are on that shopping list, but each year I try to get something special for each a single of our number one people, even if it is a small gift that does not have a lot of value.

I have been working at a recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary for the last 6 months, but now that it is getting closer to the holidays, the sales are pretty good, deliveries are up, plus so are our tips. Deliver orders 5 days a week for the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary, but around the holidays, it seems care about clients are more generous with their tips, but on a respected night, I truly make $60 or $70 in tips! Last weekend I made $100 every single night that I worked. Every one of us haven’t even gotten to December yet, so I am hoping that the tips are going to be even more generous. I have some pretty nice things picked out for our friends plus family. I already have a couple of gifts bought. I bought a quote for our mom from a store that she truly loves. I bought a watch for our dad plus I am having the back of it engraved. I also bought a watch for our brother as well. I still don’t know what I am going to buy for our sisters. I have to know a lot harder when it comes to them.


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