The dog gets two CBD treats in the morning for anxiety

I decided to house sit for some friends, so they could go to a wedding.

They have two dogs that are older and cannot travel very well.

One of the dogs is an older Saint Bernard that is almost thirteen years old. The other dog is a geriatric pit bull with three legs. Both of the dogs have to be walked five times each day, and the pit bull has to take CBD supplements three times a day. The dog gets two CBD treats in the morning and another treat at lunch. She gets another treat with her dinner. The CBD treats are the reason why the dogs have so much energy. I have known the dogs since they were younger. They used to have a ton of energy and they would run around the back yard for hours. They lost their vim and vigor when they hit the ten year mark. CBD treats have given them back some of their spryness and activity. I took the dogs for a walk on Saturday and I decided to walk them individually instead of together. I walked Maggie first. She is the saint bernard. She moved slower than ever, and I was ready to smoke a joint when I got back to the house. I took Cyrus for a walk next and I decided to grab a joint to take with me. I walked around the block and smoked the marijuana joint. Cyrus was feeling so good that morning that he wanted to walk around the block twice. I got to finish the entire marijuana joint before we went back to the house.

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