The elevator worked last week in that building

The customer was on the 5th floor and I had to walk up five flights of stairs.

Everybody at the marijuana delivery service knows that there are a couple of places we prefer to avoid. One place is the apartment community across the street from the homeless encampment. Sometimes the place can be very rowdy at night. There are always people walking around the streets trying to stop cars and ask for money or drugs. The crime rates are higher than other places throughout the city. We try not to take any deliveries to that area after 7:00 p.m. We also try to avoid the buildings that don’t have elevators. Nobody likes huffing and puffing up ten flights of stairs for $50 bucks worth of marijuana and a $2 tip. There are several high-rise apartment buildings downtown that have more than five floors. One building has 17 and another building has 19 floors with a penthouse. When the elevator is broken, it is a huge pain to walk up and down all of those flights of stairs. I took a delivery to an apartment building downtown and the elevator was broken. The customer was on the 5th floor and I had to walk up five flights of stairs. I was just in that building the previous week and I definitely didn’t remember the elevator being broken down then. Some of these older apartment buildings are in need of crazy renovations. They could use a major facelift and a million dollars worth of repairs. There isn’t a single building downtown that has updated elevator and handicap access and that means most of the buildings are not compliant with the ADA guidelines and regulations.