The halloween party is going to be off the chain

Every year the office has a halloween party for all the people to attend, but we can bring our friends and family members, however there is alcohol and drinking and lots of trouble.

I never take the teenagers. The first year that I worked at the office, I took our teenagers to the halloween party and I realized that it was not a locale for teenagers at all; People were drinking and smoking marijuana right in the office. They had the window open by the manager’s desk so the smoke could go outside. The next year, I found a sitter for the teenagers so I could go to the party alone. I left the teenagers with our mom and dad. They kept them overnight, so I could stay as late as I wanted. I heard that the party this year is going to be off the chain. The office manager hired a DJ and the event is going to be catered by the bbq joint down the street. The eating establishment has the best ribs, macaroni and cheese, and banana pudding. They also have a delicious bbq sauce that is sweet, smoky, and flavorful. I plan to get some recreational marijuana, so I will not be the only boring person at the party. I invited a guy named Jack to go to the party with me. We met a few weeks ago at the park. We were both out running and I thought he was cute. When he stopped to check his heart rate, I found a locale on the bench to kneel next to him. We ended up in a conversation about Halloween, which sparked me to invite him to go to the office party with me.

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