The marijuana pot brownies didn't taste very good

I bought marijuana pot brownies from a shop downtown.

The medical and recreational marijuana shop opened up a couple of months ago.

The place has fresh baked goods like pot brownies, cookies, cake, and candy. There were a lot of selections that looked really good. Honestly, I wanted to try one of everything. The prices on the marijuana edibles were pretty high, so I stuck with trying one thing. I picked out a sack of marijuana pot brownies. They had chocolate chips and pieces of pecans inside. The brownies looked really yummy and flavorful, but they tasted like cardboard. The cookie had no flavor at all and the chocolate chips didn’t even taste like chocolate. I got really high from the pot brownie. The 20 mg of THC hit me in the right spot. I slept almost 8 hours that night after eating one of the pot brownies. Next time I go to the shop, I’m going to try something different. If they ask me how I liked the brownie, I will certainly give them my honest opinion. It wasn’t very good and I certainly hope that the other products are not the same low quality as the pot brownie. The brownie could have been a lot better, but it was dry and flavorless. I think I could have done a better job making a pot brownie at home on my own. The shop carries cannabutter supplies so you can make your own recipes at home. I hate using the oven though, and I’m not exactly savvy in the kitchen. I think it’s probably better that I buy something that has been pre-made.

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