The ounce of rainbow runts was super fire

I like to find good deals on marijuana when possible. I always look for the best price on marijuana close to me. I search all of the different dispensaries and look at their daily sales and specials. I probably spend about 30 or 45 minutes looking at the different dispensaries before I make a plan for spending my money. I like to get the best deal possible for the money that I have. Last weekend, one of the dispensaries had ounces of rainbow runts for only $59. Rainbow runts is an Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain. I’ve had it in the past. The buds were kind of small, but the smell of the bud was overpowering and intoxicating. I bought the ounce for $59. I smoked a bowl first. The flavor of the indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain was very gassy and earthy. I went through the ounce of Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain very quickly. I finished most of it during the weekend then I sold some to a friend that wanted to try the marijuana strain. The ounce of rainbow runs was super fire. I went to the dispensary hoping to find the same strain. I knew it wasn’t going to be on sale for $59, but it was a good strain and I was willing to pay a little bit extra. Unfortunately, the dispensary did not have any more rainbow runs or cheap marijuana strains for sale. I had to spend $25 on an eighth of marijuana and that is nearly 1/10 the amount of marijuana that I got for twice that amount of money last week.

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