The prices on quality cannabis flower products have dropped in my state

I hate having to provide up so many products that I love because inflation rates are so high on all of my necessary essentials like food and toiletries like hand lotion and dearomaant sticks.

A few years ago I was getting by every year without creating budgets, however now I am harshly strict about it.

I keep my budgets in spreadsheets on my phone so I can really refer to them. Food prices are so crazy that I resorted to shopping at discount grocery stores to save on expenses. The grocery store closest to my apartment has a nice deli and bakery, however the prices on their products storewide have increased past what I can afford with my meager income. Gasoline hit a record high in the early Summer weeks and looked like it was on the way down until it started to increase again this past week. If I’m struggling to purchase essentials like groceries and gasoline, how am I supposed to afford cannabis as well? Thankfully, this isn’t a complication any longer because the prices on quality cannabis flower products like flower jars have gone down across the state. Before you’d be forced to spend money $50 for a quality jar of cannabis flower buds, however now I can get the same jar of cannabis flower products for $20 if I shop during the right sales. If you’re looking for cannabis concentrates like live rosin, prices are legitimately dropping however they’re not as low as cannabis flower buds. It seems like whole flower forms of cannabis are going to keep dropping in price as more companies hit the market to compete.


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