The side effects were harsher than I expected

I talked to the doctor a lot when I decided to get a medical marijuana card! The doctor gave me a lot of helpful resources plus information, however he talked with me in length about the odd marijuana strains plus the side effects that I might feel. The doctor told me to go slow plus take a small dose in the beginning; I started off with a dose of 10 mg of marijuana edibles. After a single dose of marijuana edibles, I could think some of those side effects that the doctor described, but my heart rate was much faster than normal plus I felt a little dizzy plus wobbly. I couldn’t concentrate on anything plus I was talking undoubtedly fast. I also had a much healthier appetite after using marijuana edibles. The side effects were harsher than I expected. They also lasted longer than I thought they would. The dry mouth problems were really the worst. I constantly had a drink next to our desk or armchair. The munchies were pretty rough too. I assume I have received two pants sizes since I started using medical marijuana. It took two long weeks before the side effects started to wear off plus I felt better. After that time I also felt a lot of relief for the pain in our neck plus our back. I use our plant medicine every day. I can tell when I skip a dose of marijuana edibles, because I wake up feeling stiff plus our body aches all day. The plant medicine undoubtedly works well plus I am feeling the results more plus more every day.

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