There is no marijuana allowed on the boat

I found some ways to sneak marijuana products onto the boat.

When my wife suggested that the two of us take a cruise down to the Bahamas, I was happy and elated. I thought a cruise sounded like a lot of fun. Until I started thinking about marijuana, I was really excited. Unfortunately, the feeling of excitement went away after I realized that there was no marijuana allowed on the cruise ship. I didn’t know if I would be able to spend the whole week without any recreational or medical marijuana products. I also wanted to have a good time while I was on the boat and I didn’t see myself having much fun if I didn’t have marijuana supplies. I talked to a couple of people that regularly take cruise trips and they gave me a few ideas. I found some ways to sneak marijuana products onto the boat. I was nervous that I would get caught, but we left from a state with legal recreational marijuana laws, so I wasn’t too concerned about the officers finding marijuana. I certainly didn’t want them to confiscate it or throw it away, but I knew that was the chance that I was taking by trying to sneak recreational marijuana supplies onto the boat. My wife and I were able to get six vape pens onto the boat and we used the vape pens to get high the whole time that we were on the cruise. We were as discreet as possible so we didn’t get into any trouble, but I am so glad that we did not go on the cruise without taking proper medicine with us.


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