You don’t have to pay recreational cannabis taxes in my state with a medical card

Back in college, I wanted to move out west to one of the few states at the time that had legal cannabis dispensaries open.

  • I thought that it would be another decade or longer before my own state would legalize medical or recreational cannabis, but it was only six years in total.

I was eager to vote in that particular election so that I could include my voice in the decision made by voters in this state. This was after two separate attempts to legalize medical marijuana at the ballot box, both of which failed to garner the 60% threshold needed in this state to pass a new amendment to the state constitution. However, when we finally succeeded in legalizing medical marijuana here, over 70% of voters approved the initiative. If that’s not a super majority, I don’t know what is! At first you’d sign up with a medical marijuana doctor to make an appointment to get a recommendation for medical cannabis before paying the state for a card. Now that we also have recreational cannabis legalized in the state, you are no longer forced to retain your status as a medical marijuana patient to purchase legal cannabis. However, recreational cannabis sales are taxed while medical cannabis sales are not taxed. I keep my medical marijuana card active in this state so I no longer have to pay cannabis taxes. That way all of my cannabis purchases are much cheaper than they would be otherwise. There are some states with recreational taxes that are nearly 30% in some cities and counties that have additional taxes beyond the state-level taxes.
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