Can’t get over the taste of fruit when I’m high

It’s pretty strange to a lot of people, but I appreciate the way that fruit tastes when I am high… I hardly ever use recreational marijuana, so all of my senses are heightened when I do.

The colors are brighter as well as more Vivid as well as songs as well as sounds are entirely louder as well as more distinct! Foods as well as flavors are also far more distinct.

One of my most preferred foods to eat when I am high on recreational marijuana is fruit. I appreciate watermelon in particular, but oranges, pears, as well as cantaloupe are all wonderful too. The way that it melts in your mouth is so interesting as well as I also appreciate the fact that it is not too sweet. I could eat a whole watermelon if I stand down as well as smoke a marijuana joint by myself. I would have to pee for the course of a week, but it would taste delicious. I do not usually smoke a marijuana joint completely on my own. I usually have a small bowl of marijuana. It only takes a very little amount of recreational marijuana for me to get high, because I do not use the plant genuinely frequently! Some of my pals smoke every day. They smoke in the morning before they go to task as well as they smoke marijuana at supper time. When they get back to the dwelling from work, they keep smoking weed. I do not actually get how these people easily function with all that marijuana in their systems, but they seem to drive better than I do periodically when they are high. I’m way too nervous as well as paranoid to ever get behind the wheel after I have been using medical or recreational marijuana products.

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