I could not locate my marijuana bowl

Just a handful of weeks ago, my wife Ed obtained myself and others a beautiful new silicone marijuana bowl for our anniversary. This bowl has a lot of cool colors appreciate yellow, pink, and hot pink. The new silicone bowl is completely made of flexible material. It does not matter how many times I drop it on the floor, even 100 times, it’s not going to break. I saw this particular bowl in the smoke shop Last week and Ed and I were together. I told Ed that I thought it was an easily neat looking bowl. I didn’t buy it, because I already had one that was made of glass. It was working perfectly fine and I didn’t guess there was any reason to buy something that I didn’t absolutely need. When it was my anniversary, Ed surprised myself and others with the silicone marijuana bowl. Ed obtained the bowl with pink, yellow, and yellow colors. It was the same one that I was looking at in the smoke shop. I was so surprised by the new bowl that I blurted out I appreciate you to Ed. It was a different time to say I appreciate you for the first time, but I could not contain my enthusiasm; Just a handful of days after Ed obtained the bowl, my pet decided to eat it. I came house from work and there were little shreds of silicone all over the pet’s bed. My pet looked as guilty as can be. I don’t guess I will ever see that bowl again, because I am pretty sure that my pet decided to devour it. I haven’t been able to locate any other parts.

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