It is just using a topical

I am a medical marijuana patient… I am not the regular cannabis user.

I am a 50 year old man with 3 kids! When my friends heard I had a script for cannabis they were appalled.

Was I turning into a druggie? A pot head? A dead head? Well my medical marijuana is the most boring type & for the dullest reason ever. I have arthritis pain in my fingers. I have tried all natural remedies & they don’t help much. I read online that cannabis works wonders for chronic pain due to reducing inflammation. I got the medical weed card & then went to the medical marijuana dispensary near me. I told them clearly I was in my 50s & not going to smoke a joint, pre-roll or even a bong. I wanted something mature & discrete. I was happy that a topical works well for my issue. It is just a cream with CBD in it. It doesn’t get into my bloodstream & I don’t feel high. It is like a powerful icy hot. I feel a cool, tingling sensation. I also have a nice peppermint & lavender smell when I put it on, then other than that, I wouldn’t notice it was on. I do notice when I miss a day on the topical. When I don’t apply it, my hands hurt so bad. I am diligent about applying in the afternoon & before bed. I think my friends are seriously bummed that I don’t have anything that can get them high… They were judgy before, but now they are envious.

medical uses for cbd