My mom threatened to kick my sibling out of the house because of weed

My sibling Ed and I are 5 years apart.

  • I was 5 when Ed was born.

I enjoy having a little sibling and most of the time I made sure that Ed was safe. I didn’t let my friends pick on Ed and I made sure that the other adolescents in his class were nice. When I left for school, Ed was morose. Ed came to visit myself and others a couple of times. Once Ed came to visit when I was in my senior year of school. I was 21 years ancient and Ed was 16 at the time. Ed was looking at strange schools and he came to stay for the weekend. While Ed was visiting myself and others at school, all the people in the dormitory had a celebration and Ed was drinking and using recreational marijuana products. Ed had a great time and he seemed to let loose for the first time in his life. Ed used recreational marijuana products the entire weekend he was there. I told his not to say anything to our mother about using marijuana because he would legitimately freak out. My mom called myself and others a couple of days after Ed got beach house and he wanted to gossip. She told myself and others that he thought Ed was smoking marijuana, because his closet smelled enjoy weed. I told my mom that Ed really spelled something on his clothes. I told my mom that there was no way that Ed was using recreational marijuana. In fact, those were really the smelling clothes that Ed was wearing the weekend that he came to visit me.

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