Recreational weed isn’t that great for me

I suppose my amount of guests would go down considerably

Anytime someone comes to visit me they immediately want to stop into the cannabis dispensary, but my state allows for recreational weed. It is quite a warm topic for people who live in medical weed only states, anytime I have a friend come from those places, they are desperate to get their hands on cannabis. I suppose they like the idea that it isn’t so regulated. They can just walk in & grab an edible if they want… You can buy more & don’t need to worry about going past a THC amount; Not having to get a medical weed card in order to grab cannabis is nice, but not noteworthy anymore. All my friends act like going to a cannabis dispensary is like going to a bar or nightclub! Since my state is recreational weed friendly, it feels more like going to a Walgreens or CVS. I only use cannabis now for medical reasons. I smoke a cannabis flower when my anxiety gets too bad. I sometimes vape cannabis oil before bed in order to sleep. That is it! When my friends from medical weed only states visit, they want to get high, however for me that seems so childish & deranged. I also don’t find my bedtime weed all that fun or crazy. I sometimes wonder if I would get as several visitors as I do if I lived in a colder state & 1 that didn’t allow for medical weed. I suppose my amount of guests would go down considerably. I would be okay with that.


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