She actually wants my weed

My friend Taylor is from a medical cannabis only state.

I am in a recreational cannabis state.

It should not actually matter, but it does to her. Taylor typically wants to come visit myself and others rather than the other way around. On one hand I love that all of us stay at my house, but both of us go to the restaurants, shops and bars I like. However, I am typically stuck hosting. I get to choice her up from the airport, make the meals and it costs myself and others extra money buying groceries. It would be nice to take turns for once. I feel the only reason Taylor wants to visit myself and others is for cannabis use. I do have lots of recreational cannabis dispensaries near me. There is one with an on location bakery, one that has a dab bar and another one has a smoker’s lounge! A lot of sites are directly seed to sale. There are even some that work with a cannabis cafe in the area; So yeah, cannabis is quite cool in my area. I deal with it everyday though. I am over recreational weed. I don’t actually want to get high every day of the week. I would much rather drink mimosas or pina coladas with my friend. Taylor wants to experience something she doesn’t normally get to though. I wish her state would change from medical cannabis to recreational cannabis. Or if she actually wants weed, she should do the work to become a medical weed patient. It does not take long or cost a lot of money.


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