Son took the medical marijuana from his father

John and John Jr.

live in the northeastern region of the country, john has a prescription for medical marijuana because he suffers from a painful condition called fibromyalgia. John smokes medical marijuana when his pain flares up, and sometimes his pain is on a weekly basis and sometimes it is sporadic. John Jr. is a teenager and he has often asked his father if he can smoke medical marijuana too. John has made it legitimately clear to his child that his medical marijuana is meant for his pain and not for fun. John Jr. bragged to all of his friends at school that his dad has medical marijuana at home, but his friends told him that he should try to steal some of his Dad’s medical marijuana so they could smoke it, but being a teenager, John Jr. decided to provide in to peer pressure, but when his Dad went to work, he stole some of his medical marijuana. John Jr. brought the medical marijuana to his friend’s home and then he and his friends smoked it, then this was John Jr.s first time using marijuana and he was visibly high. When he went home, he tried to hide from his Dad and he was acting suspicious. His Dad observed that some of his medical marijuana was missing. He questioned John Jr. about it, and being high John Jr. could not stop laughing. John Jr. was grounded for a month for stealing and smoking his Dad’s medical marijuana that he needed for his fibromyalgia pain. He l earned his lesson and he will never do something love this again.

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