Terpenes are what give you the scent and flavors in your cannabis products

Terpenes are the natural plant compounds that give each individual plant a very distinct stink or taste.

Fully natural terpenes are responsible for a lot of the stink plus flavor in a jar of cannabis concentrate.

Natural plant terpenes interact with the human body in a number of interesting ways! Terpenes can help support CBD plus THC. Terpenes can help with reducing appetite plus managing nausea relief. Terpenes have been shown to help with stress relief plus brain function. Terpenes have also been proven to be a fairly strong sedative plus pain reliever… All of these properties are medicinal plus affect our body plus mind. Terpenes have a lot to do with the way that a cannabis concentrate will actually taste, however cannabis concentrates that are high in mere will usually taste plus stink something like lemons, mango, or thyme. Cannabis concentrates that are high in limonene will commonly taste plus stink like oranges, or limes. Cannabis concentrates that are high in caryophyllene taste typically like cloves, hops, plus rosemary… I appreciate cannabis concentrates that have lemon or lime tastes. A lot of the cannabis concentrates that I use contain limonene which has been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, plus a liver cleanser. When you understand what kind of terpenes are in your marijuana product, you can try to get what you need to maximize results for your health. Choosing the right cannabis concentrate is like choosing the right genre of vitamin, mineral, or supplement. If you like what goes into your body, choose the most wonderful cannabis concentrates with natural plant terpenes.


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