The timekeeping software

I have been looking into cannabis timekeeping software for quite some time, my employees used to just write their names & times they leave & go.

  • It was all on paper! Yeah I suppose it was an antique way of doing things.

I am not truly great on the computer. I also have never done a timekeeping thing before… This is my first major business. I had no plan how to figure out cannabis attendance. I then did some googling & found all sorts of cannabis dispensary software options, online said I could do it myself, no freaking way! The last thing I wanted to do was handle my own dispensary timekeeping software, knowing me I would mess something major up. I also wanted it better than a punch card that you slip through a slot. The dispensary software company that I hired had it all on a computer. Now my employees come in for their shift & genre in their employee code on the computer. They are logged in that way. The time isn’t something that they can fudge now. It has almost everyone connected to their own code too. Yeah, if you knew your buddies’ code you could theoretically punch them in. Thankfully that hasn’t been an issue just yet. If it does become one, I will need to call the company again for a better dispensary attendance software option, then right now I suppose this one is going to toil out just fine. It is easy to use, simpel & all streamlined. I can even use it separate from error. That is really saying something.


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