The warehouse had tons of problems last night

I work in the warehouse five nights every week. My shift starts at 3:00 PM and I don’t get to my house until well after midnight. I get 2 15 hour breaks throughout the evening and an hour for a meal which is paid. This means every week I get 5 hours of overtime. I use my 5 hours of overtime for my savings account. I make around $117 for those 5 hours of overtime and every 2 weeks I put that into my savings account for the holidays. Last night was such a busy night because there were a ton of problems in the packaging warehouse. Al and I were packaging grams of cannabis concentrate. The cannabis concentrate comes in 1 massive vat. Each one of the small glass containers are filled with a gram or even a half gram of cannabis concentrate. Another component adds a plastic lid to the top of the vial. There is also an insert between the lid and the glass so the package stays completely sealed from the factory. The component that holds the piece of plastic between the glass and the lid was not working last night and we had to stop production a few times to reset the machine. By 5 in the day, I had already reset the machines three times. I told the maintenance crew that they were going to have to repair the concern when we took our meal break, because the cannabis concentrate packaging concern was slowing down production a lot. Al and I took lunch an hour early and hoped that the component would be fixed when we returned.

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