Tinctures offer unique benefits

I make a trip to the dispensary every other Saturday.

I like to check out the products on special and try something new at a discounted price. Although I am open to all different consumption methods, my preference is tinctures. Cannabis tinctures offer a lot of unique benefits. Unlike inhalation methods, the process creates no odor, smoke or ash. They don’t require an extra gear such as a grinder, rolling papers, rolling tray or a lighter. The packaging is especially compact and fits easily into a pocket. It’s helpful that they are portable as well as discreet. I can bring them along on a hike, bike ride or when I take my kayak out on the lake. They are great for an evening hanging out by a bonfire or in the morning before heading out on a run. With tinctures, I never draw attention to myself. The bottle includes a dropper that allows for accurate dosing right down to the milliliter. I place a few drops of the tincture under my tongue and wait a minute or two for the cannabinoids to absorb. The sublingual absorption provides rapid onset of effects. I can also add tinctures to a variety of foods or beverages for delayed effects like an edible. The advantages is that tinctures have less calories than conventional edibles. The dispensary carries a wide variety of tinctures in sativas, hybrids and indicas. They are available in a range of THC potency as well as pure CBD and all sorts of flavors. As long as I store the tinctures in a cool dry place, they provide an exceptionally long shelf-life.

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