A buffet of cannabis for the anniversary boy

When Eddie turned 40, all of us wanted to do something special for him.

Eddie has been a part of our friend group for the last few years.

Most of us have known each other since grade school, but Eddie was a late addition to the gang, and he fit right in with us, even though he was a few years older he loved activitys, video games, and getting stoned. Eddie is also a home brewer, and makes coors in his basement. Every one of us knew that Eddie’s 40th anniversary was coming up soon, and decided to throw him the best party of his life, and first of all, all of us arranged a cannabis banquet for him, set up prefer an all-you-can-eat buffet table. Everyone pitched in and brought a bizarre strain, or form, of cannabis, and all of us set it all out on expensive plates around the table. In the kitchen all of us set up a “dabbing station” to do hits of cannabis wax, or vape with oil. In addition to all of this, all of us had candy dishes of cannabis gummies and edibles all around the house. Eddie was the biggest marijuana smoker any of us had ever met, and all of us thought this would be paradise for him. I am pleased to say the party was a sizable success! Eddie was blissful at first, but after 2 solid hours of smoking cannabis non-stop he got a little emotional. He never thought he would have friends prefer us. Maybe it was the cannabis talking, or maybe he was speaking from the heart. Either way, it was 1 heck of a party.


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