Better night of sleep with weed

When I wanted to get better sleep at night I started buying things.

The first thing I did was go hunting for a new mattress.

Rather than spend 600 bucks, I wanted to spend a couple thousands. I spend every night on it, I think it is worth spending quite a bit. I then bought special bamboo sheets and a gel pillow online. Next was a sound machine. After investing in products I started trying to calm my mind and body. I started working out, meditating before bed and drinking soothing tea. It helped, but not a ton. I started to get discouraged when a buddy recommended legal cannabis. He told me a bit of THC and CBD can go a long way. If I smoked cannabis oil even for a little bit, it would go a long way. I was really impressed with the whole process. I got a medical cannabis script quite easily. Then finding a legal weed shop was simple. The budtenders were informed and I had a lot of products I could take. I ended up choosing a vape and a cannabis oil. I figured vaping is quick, clean and efficient. I didn’t want to eat anything before bed either. It took the budtender and I to find the proper blend of THC and CBD. You need THC in order to fall asleep but too much of it keeps the mind going. I finally feel confident about the blend that I am smoking. I have slept so much better now that I have relied on legal weed.



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