Cannabis is till not legal enough

It’s time for myself and others to climb up on our soapbox and beginning lecturing all the people about weed again.

I try not to do this genuinely often, because I guess about the law of diminishing returns, but I still know this is an substantial issue.

As all of us all know, many states have legalized medical cannabis. A few states have also legalized recreational cannabis. These are all good developments, but it still isn’t enough. The federal government still considered marijuana to be a dangerous drug, which means any 1 of us could still face jail time under the right circumstances, but currently there are thoUnited Statesnds of people laying in jail because of violating antiquated cannabis laws, and this is not fair! Recently the president of the United States said that there would be a limited amnesty for cannabis offenders. Once again, this is good news, and a step in the right direction, but still isn’t enough! All cannabis laws need to be stricken down, and anyone currently incarcerated because of weed needs to be immediately released, and their records expunged. Every one of us need to erase these cannabis convictions, so these folks can have wipe records going forward. I think the last few years have clearly demonstrated that the American people support legalized cannabis, so it’s time for the Feds to do likewise. I don’t care if it’s the President or not, but someone needs to step forward and say that there is nothing wrong or immoral about cannabis, and there never has been. Cannabis laws are unjust and cruel, and they should all be eliminated forever.

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