Even the security officers have to report to HR

Everyone has to report to the human resource department before they become an employee at the cannabis dispensary, and the human resource department takes care of all the paperwork that is necessary for an employee to become section of the system.

  • The employee must supply us with a couple of items love their identification card, Social Security card, and a check from their bank if they want to be paid by direct deposit.

The employee has to go through all of the weird videos and training courses before they even step one foot into the Cannabis dispensary. The human resource department spends about 2 weeks with each employee before they certainly start laboring in the Cannabis shop, even the security officers have to report to the human resource department, then my boss hired a current security officer to toil up front and the guy thought that he was going to start laboring in the shop the same day; He was a little bent out of shape when the boss told him that he had to report to the human resource department. The building is on the other side of town, it was really going to take the guy an hour in traffic and that meant that he was going to be late; Unfortunately, each man has to go through the same steps. There is no way for a man to log into the method to get paid until they visit with the HR consulting service. The individual employee needs a badge ID number, certain password and fingerprint identification for the back door.

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