Hiring a budtender for the cannabis lounge

Hardly any of months ago, the owner of this marijuana dispensary decided to build a lounge in the building next to the grand marijuana dispensary, then there used to be a tax office next to the dispensary, when the owner of the tax office moved out of the building, the owner of the dispensary talked to the proprietor into leasing both of the spots to him for that cannabis dispensary. One part of the cannabis dispensary has all of the products like marijuana flower, concentrates, edibles, plus elixirs, but another part of the cannabis dispensary has a lounge. The lounge has tables, chairs, TVs, a Starbucks Latte maker, water dispenser, plus a couple of games. We had to hire a couple of up-to-date budtenders to task in the lounge. We actually wanted someone that had knowledge about the weird types of marijuana inside of the store to task in the lounge. The budtender would be able to help customers in the lounge option out weird types of products so they could smoke them inside of the relaxation room. I actually hired a single person to do the task in the lounge, but she did not know really much about marijuana plus she had to always ask questions… Now I’m looking for a couple of people that will be able to task in the lounge plus have knowledge on their weird types of marijuana strains. I really need someone that can’t hit the ground running at full speed. If I have a nice salesperson working in the lounge, then we will really be able to see an increase in the sales in the reefer dispensary.