I giggled when they said I needed internet SEO services.

For years, people in our area had been waiting for laws that passed legal cannabis; I was sure that once the state passed those laws, people would look for a cannabis dispensary that was close to their homes, then not only would those who have legal, medical cannabis cards be able to purchase marijuana, however so would people who want recreational marijuana.

I already had a cannabis dispensary, plus I wanted people to come to mine.

I had everything set up for the transition to recreational marijuana. I was already ahead of the game, but I had to let people know I was prepared for recreational marijuana purchases. I laughed when I was told I needed internet SEO services. I knew internet SEO would reach people who could not get to our cannabis dispensary. I wanted to advertise only to people who lived in our area. I talked to a gentleman who worked for an online SEO business, then he told myself and others there were ways to do internet SEO that would reach only people in our area… With internet SEO services, they would set up ads on the internet that would only bring in results from people in our area. I told him to do his magic plus left him run. It took almost a month before I had our first real hit on an ad. I had many hits on our website, that were called PPC, or pay per click, however they must have been mistaken clicks, and my first real response came when someone absolutely asked for information on our cannabis dispensary website.


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