I got some really good bud from the dispensary near me

I went to the bank this morning to deposit some checks that I got in the mail.

There was a line at the bank, so I decided to look at all of the sales and specials that were available at the marijuana dispensary near me.

I wasn’t going to visit the marijuana dispensary, but they had a lot of good deals. One of the deals was on a marijuana strain called OG kush. OG Kush is a really nice hybrid that is more of an indica than a hybrid. OG kush buds are usually thick and dense. I got an eighth of the OG kush buds for a dollar when I purchased a gram of marijuana concentrate. I didn’t know what kind of marijuana concentrate to buy, so I asked the budtender if she had anything in mind that was going to blow my mind. She told me to buy the space bomb live resin from the refrigerator. It was a $25 gram of marijuana, but I saved 20%. I got the eighth for a dollar. I also purchased a couple of additional eighths of marijuana from the dispensary. I bought an eighth of Blue Dream and an eighth of white widow. I also bought an eighth of Skywalker og, but it was not on sale. I went home after going to the bank and the marijuana dispensary near me and I got out my favorite bong so I could try all of the different marijuana strains. I also called a friend of mine to see if he wanted to join me. I knew he would be pretty excited to hear about all of the strains that I purchased.


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