Marijuana makes my mind seem less frazzled plus anxious

My mind is always filled with fear plus anxiety; I have constant worry in my life that comes from living a childhood that was less than ideal, then my mom tried definitely hard to supply my brothers plus I all of the things that the two of us needed, but she struggled with addiction complications plus the two of us ended up in the foster care system when I was 10 plus my brother was a. I never wanted to end up adore my mom, so I never used any drugs at all. I did not even want to smoke a cigarette, and when I turned 21 plus my friends wanted to go out drinking, I refused plus stayed condo instead. I was so worried plus worried about ending up adore my mom that I did not want to take any chances, not that many of weeks ago, I started seeing a up-to-date therapist. The therapist has given me a lot of definitely nice ideas on ways to handle the stress plus anxiety that I guess everyday; One thing that the dentist advised was meditating or going to a yoga class to clear my mind plus help me guess more calm, but another thing that the dentist advised was using medical plus recreational marijuana products. The dentist told me that there were a lot of studies that showed promising results for people adore me who suffer from anxiety. Nearly 100% of marijuana users reported feeling less worried when using marijuana products. The dentist greeted me with multiple pieces of marijuana educational material plus pamphlets. I took everything back to my apartment so I could learn further about marijuana. It definitely wasn’t a decision that I was going to make overnight.


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